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Storage Sheds, made in Texas, are the perfect place to keep your potting materials, garden tools, rakes, shovels, lawnmowers, and other tools. However you choose to use your shed, you have the opportunity to add charm to the yard, garden and beauty to your property.

Solve your storage needs by using a basic shed.

  • 4x6 pressure treated runners

  • 3/4 plywood floor

  • (1) 6x6 wood double door

  • 2x4 rafters 24 in. centers

  • 5/50 Year Warranty LP Smart Panel Siding

  • Pressure treated floor joists 16 in. centers for 10' & 12'

  • 2x4 wall studs on 24 in. centers

  • End vents

  • 29 gauge metal roof

  • Pressure treated floor joists 24 in. centers for 8'

  • Standard walls 6'3 in. (inside)

  • Gable roof

  • Haley 100% Acrylic Latex Wooden Structures Paint

Shed line products are not designed and built for residential purposes.
These are not built to residential framing codes. Each state has unique regulations on what constitutes legal housing, we are not building these as a form of legal housing.
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